Different HGH Types

July 26, 2013      HGH Information

HGH – Human Growth Hormone Types

The means of manufacturing and purifying rhGH is very important. In order for HGH to have its desired effect on the human body, it must be identical in structure to the GH naturally produced in the human body.

Somatotropin / Cadaver-GH
Cadaver-GH was approved for treatment of GHD from the 60′s to the 80′s. Cadaver-GH is formed by purifying GH from the pituitary glands of cadavers. However, in the 80′s, researchers discovered that Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) can be transferred from cadavers to Cadaver-GH users, and its use was discontinued.

Somatrem / Inclusion Body Technology / Met-HGH
Inclusion Body technology was the first biosynthetic form of HGH developed. When researchers first developed HGH using Inclusion Body Technology, they were comparing it to cadaver-GH. However, Met-GH was not pure GH, so met-GH produced side effects in many users. Met-GH has an additional methionyl amino acid that caused a person’s body to build up antibodies against it. Some users experienced allergic reactions to met-GH, some even built up so much resistance that it neutralized the effect of the drug.

Somatropin / Protein Secretion Technology and Mouse-Cell Manufacturing / rhGH
The method of manufacturing HGH that is most often used now is through either Protein Secretion technology or Mouse-cell manufacturing. Both of these means of manufacturing create HGH that is identical to the GH produced naturally in a human body.

HGH Sprays and Pills
Many companies wanting to cash in on the HGH buzz have developed a growth hormone spray, claiming it to be more effective and less costly than the FDA approved injectable HGH. These HGH Sprays simply do not do what they claim to, for a number of reasons. HGH is large, fragile protein molecule with a molecular weight of 20,000. It contains 191 amino acids in an exact sequence, with many fragile cross-linkages that give it an important 3-D configuration. Its only source is from human genes, using very expensive and meticulous recombinant DNA technology. HGH from any other source, even from other animals, does not work in humans. There is no other source of HGH. The only safe form of HGH is made by splicing human genes into bacteria cells or embryonic mammalian cells, and then growing those cells in a culture media. There is absolutely no naturally occurring plant source of HGH. HGH must be made using human genetics.

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