What are HGH Benefits?

July 26, 2013      HGH Information

Why Should We take HGH?

HGH Therapy is a controversial subject in the medical community. While some experts consider it to be the secret to a longer, more effective life, others consider it to be a fraud used to separate the unsuspecting from their hard earned money. But what are the facts?

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, is a chemical found naturally in the human body. This hormone, secreted by the pituitary gland, is most prevalent in our childhood and teenage years, and is responsible for initiating and controlling the growth process.

As we reach our twenties, however, the levels of HGH in our blood stream drop significantly and continue to decrease with each passing year. While this may not seem to be a problem, since growing is pretty much done, some researches noticed that this decrease in HGH in the blood stream coincided with the onset of many symptoms of aging, including:

• Loss of muscle mass and muscle tone
• Difficulty losing and controlling weight
• Lowered energy levels
• Reduced elasticity in the skin, a contributing factor in the formation of wrinkles
• Loss of sex drive and an increase in related disorders, including erectile dysfunction
• Loss of bone mass and the beginning of age related joint problems
• Decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system

The research determined that HGH levels directly affect the body even after the growth period is complete, and that this loss of HGH may be one of the single largest contributing factors in the aging process. The obvious answer, say the proponents of HGH therapy, is to increase the levels of Human Growth Hormone to where they were when we were teenagers.

What can you expect with HGH:

While the FDA has not approved HGH as an anti aging therapy, clinical studies and consumer reviews have shown positive results. Users of a good Human Growth Hormone can expect:

• Increased sex drive accompanied by a noticeable improvement in sexual performance
• Increased energy levels and less problems with fatigue and listlessness
• Improvements in memory, vision, hearing and other related areas
• Better muscle tone, reduced wrinkles, and improvements in the appearance of the hair and skin
• Better sleep patterns resulting in a more restful and restorative night
• Less problems with mood swings and depression
• Easier time controlling your weight
• A better and more effective immune system
• Relief of many system issues, including enlarged organs
• Improvement in the Cardio/Pulmonary system
• Reduction in joint and muscle pain related to aging

How Long Does It Take To See Results From HGH?
Human Growth Hormone injection therapy can produce results very quickly but results will vary based on age, general health, and the precise formulation, the typical HGH user can expect the following results:

• During the first month, you should feel an increase in energy levels as well as a more positive outlook on life. You will tend to sleep better and be better able to participate more effectively in normal activities.

• In the second month, the regenerative effects of higher HGH levels will begin to be seen. Your skin, hair and nails will improve. You will see better muscle tone. Losing weight will also become easier, and you should see a notable improvement in your sexual performance.

• In months three through five, you should see significant improvement in these same areas. For those trying to improve their body strength, the increase in lean muscle mass will be noticeable. Your libido will be returning to where it was in your teenage years and early twenties.

You will also notice improvements in memory and the ability to concentrate.

• By the end of month six, you should have made great strides towards your ideal weight, your muscle tone will be much improved, and your energy levels will be at the highest they have been in years. You will also begin to see less obvious improvements in the area of your immune and, cardiopulmonary systems.

Many will see a drop in cholesterol levels, the loss of cellulite, and in some cases the re growth of lost hair.

In recent years medical science has made tremendous advances in their ability to extend our lives. Organ replacement, surgical procedures, new medicines and diagnostic techniques have allowed doctors to treat what once was untreatable and cure that which doomed our parents and grandparents to an early grave. For many, Human Growth Hormone has restored quality of life to these precious extra years.

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