HGH Improves Sex Life

July 26, 2013      HGH Information

Best Kept Secret that Could Improve Your Sex Life – HGH

How’s your sex life doing these days? If you yearn for the days when you and your libido were always in the mood, you aren’t alone. Have you ever wondered why you hit middle age and suddenly your sex life takes a dive?

Many would love to pass the blame onto their partner. He/she isn’t attractive anymore, isn’t available, isn’t interested… the blame game… It could go on forever, but if we are being honest perhaps the problem isn’t at all with our partner or at the very least it is with both you and your partner.

What are we talking about? We are talking about a legitimate cause that is related to hormones – one particular hormone – a hormone you may not have heard of before. HGH or human growth hormone.

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland, and is responsible for many different functions in the body. It helps you to develop lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve memory, decreases fatigue, improve sleep, and the benefits are many. One of these benefits is an increase in libido and that can lead to an improved sex life all the way around. For a comprehensive article on HGH benefits go here!

As adults, as we get a little older, we can look forward to a little more time for each other. Children are older or grown and moved away from home, we have the time to break away for romantic get-aways with our partner, and we should be looking forward to a lot of love making. But as we get older with the perks comes a lot of health related problems. Beyond illness and disease there are things that can affect our sexual performance.

Our sex drive is affect by your blood flow. As we age our heart pumps slower and smaller volumes. Our sexual organs also rely on the delivery of oxygen throughout the body through the bloodstream. With a depleted oxygen flow our sexual performance can be affected greatly. But there’s one other thing you should know more about that can have an impact on your sex drive – HGH.

HGH Increases Sex Drive
HGH is produced in the pituitary gland and as we reach middle age the body begins to produce less HGH or human growth hormone. That can lead to a decrease in sexual drive and in your sexual performance.

HGH plays a role in keeping your cells active and strong. That includes the heart cells. HGH will help the heart improve pumping action, and that improves your overall strength and vitality. This improves the pumping of blood throughout the body and that improves the function of sexual organs both men and women. For men it means that they can stay aroused longer, and for women it means a decrease in vaginal dryness during intercourse.

That’s one way that HGH helps with sexual performance. There are others. HGH plays an important role in the regeneration of cells and tissues, as well as muscles development. This leads to better sexual and physical performance in bed. With proper levels of HGH in the body your stamina also increases and that’s also going to lead to an improved sex life.

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