HGH and Weight Loss

July 26, 2013      HGH Information

Can HGH Help With Weight Loss?
According to Dr Ronald Klatz, the president of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, “If you are obese, you now have for the first time, a proven method for getting rid of the fat that poses such a danger to your health and your life— HGH. And if you combine HGH with an exercise program, you can lose weight, gain muscle, and look and feel decades younger.”

That’s exciting that HGH is now recognized in this manner. It’s not really news since it has long been known to be this effective, thanks to numerous research studies that have evaluated its effectiveness, but it is now recognized by some bodies of authority.

It has earned the name of “magic injection for weight loss,” because of its effectiveness in promoting weight loss. But obesity is one thing – what about that stubborn belly fat? Can it help with belly fat that so many of us fight with as we age? The answer is an emphatic yes. Clinical studies have proven HGH will decrease superficial or peripheral fat. It decreases also the dangerous visceral fat, which is the deep fat. HGH has also shown to be very effective against the fat that is found in your mid section and that gives you that dreaded belly roll that you find so hard to get rid of.

The Method That HGH Disposes of Fat
HGH helps burn fat by using it as your body’s fuel. Each of your fat cells has its own growth hormone receptor. HGH binds with these receptors, which then triggers a series of enzyme reactions within each of the cells. This is what breaks down the fat. This is called lipolysis.

Insulin is another way in which HGH supports fat loss. Insulin promotes fat cell creation called lipogenesis, but HGH will counter the insulin effects and promote fat cell destruction. Without the HGH to inhibit how insulin affects the fat cells, they would freely expand.

Research Shows HGH Promotes Weight Loss
Fat in the body has a negative effect on the release of HGH by the pituitary gland, causing a decrease in the release. As a result, those who are overweight or obese generally release less human growth hormone compared to others who are not overweight but are the same age.

In addition, a number of notable figures have used HGH to lose belly fat.

Mr. Turney was able to trim 9 inches off his waist while taking HGH. This man opened the first anti-aging clinic where HGH was used as a therapy.
Dr. Edmund Chein, who is an anti-aging physician, took HGH to lose his “large pot belly.”
HGH is different from other weight loss methods focused on removing fat, because rather than working against your body it actually works with it. When you diet, you generally gain the weight right back because the hormonal message has not been changed and so it continues to tell the body to store fat. HGH changes the hormonal message, telling your body to get rid of the fat.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Belly Fat
Why do we store fat around the belly? The food you eat and lack of exercise combined with stress affect your body’s hormonal response, which determines whether fat will be stored or burned. Controlling insulin is the key factor, which controls both the storage and burning of fat.
What are the most common reasons we get belly fat? When your hormones are off balance fat storage becomes possible. The most common hormones to contribute to fat storage are increased cortisol, decreased HGH, decreased testosterone, and raised insulin levels.
What are other reasons for belly fat? These are not related to calories and include stress and sleep, which can cause the body to store fat. As you get more sleep, you will burn more fat and lower your cortisol levels in the morning. When you sleep your body releases HGH, which is a powerful muscle building and fat burning hormone. The more stress you have the higher your cortisol levels and the lover your HGH and testosterone levels.

An HGH can certainly help you get rid of your belly fat, and especially when you combine it with healthy eating, regular exercise, and an overall healthier lifestyle. HGH has many benefits for the body and belly fat is just one of them.

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